How to Pass PSLE Math: A Progressive Approach with PSLE Secrets

passing your psle math

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Math is a crucial milestone for every student in Singapore. While many parents and students focus solely on achieving high grades, at PSLE Secrets, we believe in emphasizing progress rather than just scores. In this article, we will share valuable tips and insights on how to help your child pass PSLE Math successfully. By focusing on understanding concepts, developing problem-solving skills, and providing comprehensive PSLE Math tuition, PSLE Secrets aims to empower students to excel and make significant progress in their mathematical journey.

In this article, we will discuss the steps you, as a parent, can take to secure grades for your child and work progressively towards the desired grade.

Build a Strong Foundation

The key to success in PSLE Math lies in building a strong foundation. The easy questions within the PSLE exam take up approximately 50-60% of the marks and this should allow your child to comfortably pass their exam. Start early by ensuring that your child has a solid understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts. Focus on mastering unit conversions, knowledge of arithmetic concepts (place values, BODMAS etc) and basic heuristics (part-whole, remainder, model method, guess and check etc). PSLE Secrets offers specialized PSLE Math tuition programs designed to reinforce these foundational skills, providing students with a strong platform for further learning and development.

Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is key to success in PSLE Math. This is true for every skill or subject that your child will learn throughout their school life. Encourage your child to practice regularly, solving a variety of math problems to develop their problem-solving skills and speed.

PSLE Secrets offers a wide range of practice materials and resources, including past-year exam papers and mock tests, to help students gain confidence and familiarity with different question types and difficulty levels. What we do differently is to provide your child with questions of varying difficulty as well as different phrasings to allow them to be comfortable with tough and foreign questions.

Additionally, it is useful to pace these questions out in a regular schedule so your child can recall the use of the concepts and ensure that they do not forget what was taught to them. This study concept is called spaced repetition and we have found it to be extremely useful for our students.

using spaced repetition for psle math

Focus on Understanding Concepts

Rather than merely memorizing formulas and procedures, it is essential to focus on understanding mathematical concepts. More often than not, many tutors and teachers out there have fanciful names for the methods that they teach. After years of teaching, I found that it all goes down to simple understanding of problems via key words, and using the right methods to solve them. These are what we commonly term as heuristics or mental shortcuts.

At PSLE Secrets, our dedicated tutors emphasize conceptual understanding, enabling students to apply their knowledge to real-life situations, and the use of heuristics in problem-solving scenarios. By grasping the underlying principles and logical reasoning behind mathematical concepts, students can approach PSLE Math questions with confidence and flexibility.

Seek Personalized PSLE Math Tuition

At PSLE Secrets, we understand that every child has unique learning needs. Our team of experienced tutors provides personalized PSLE Math tuition tailored to each student’s abilities, learning style, and areas for improvement. Our tutors guide and support students through individualized attention, targeted practice, and customized lesson plans, ensuring that they make consistent progress in their mathematical journey.

We provide personalised classes via the following

  • Active selection of problems for practice based on the tutor’s evaluation
  • Online recordings of classes for spaced repetition and active recall should your child forgets what was taught in a particular lesson
  • Use of various teaching materials to complement your child’s learning method (Visual, kinesthetic, auditory etc)
  • Customised test and exam practice papers according to MOE syllabus and our prediction of the upcoming questions


Are you seeking a way to help your child excel in PSLE Math? At PSLE Secrets, we believe in a unique approach that emphasizes progress over grades. We understand that every child’s learning journey is different, and we’re here to guide them every step of the way.

Passing PSLE Math requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond focusing solely on grades. At PSLE Secrets, we prioritize progress by building a strong foundation, understanding the exam format, regular practice, conceptual understanding, and personalized tuition. Our experienced tutors, like Mr Patrick, are committed to providing the guidance and support necessary for students to excel. Our PSLE Math tuition program is designed to help students understand and master mathematical concepts, rather than merely memorizing formulas. We focus on building a strong foundation, fostering a love for learning, and encouraging consistent progress. With PSLE Secrets, you can empower your child to not only pass PSLE Math but also develop a lifelong love for learning and mathematics.

Good teacher, good methods

I am incredibly grateful to PSLE Secrets for the remarkable progress my child has made in PSLE Math. With their focus on understanding concepts rather than just grades, my child's confidence and problem-solving skills have improved significantly. The personalized attention and comprehensive tuition provided by their dedicated tutor, Mr Patrick, have been instrumental in my child's success. I highly recommend PSLE Secrets to any parent seeking a holistic approach to PSLE Math tuition." - Lisa Lim, Parent