How I Scored A Total of 4 Points in the 2022 PSLE: A Student’s Perspective

studying for psle

As a former Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) candidate, I vividly remember the mixed feelings. The feelings of excitement and anxiety that surrounded me during my preparation for the exam. Scoring well in the PSLE is a goal shared by many students. Today, I want to share my personal journey and strategies that helped me achieve a score of 4 points.

I also want to thank my coach, Teacher Patrick, from PSLESecrets who guided me through the darkest nights of study and never failed to make me laugh during class.

From effective study techniques to maintaining a positive mindset, here’s how I conquered the PSLE and emerged with flying colors.

  1. Goal Setting: The Foundation of Success – Before embarking on my PSLE journey, I set clear goals for myself. I told my coach and my parents that I wanted to achieve a score of 4 points. Mr Patrick helped me dissect my broad goal into smaller milestones for each subject. His template on goal setting is extremely useful and I have shared this with my friends who also said that it was very helpful for them. You can download it here if you need it. This approach helped me stay focused and motivated throughout my PSLE preparation.
  2. Time Management: Mastering the Art – Effective time management was a crucial factor in my PSLE success. I created a study schedule that allowed me to allocate sufficient time for each subject. This ensures that I covered all the necessary topics. By prioritizing my study hours, I was able to strike a balance between academics and my chill out leisure activities (I love Robloxing).
  3. Understanding the Syllabus: A Strategic Approach – To excel in the PSLE, I personally feel that it is essential to have a good understanding of the syllabus. During my classes with Mr Patrick, he made it a point to thoroughly go through the syllabus for each subject, identifying key concepts, topics, and assessment objectives for me. This helped me prioritize my studying, focusing on areas that carried more weightage in the exam.
  4. Effective Study Techniques: Quality Over Quantity – Rather than mindlessly cramming information or doing all the practice papers, I adopted effective study techniques that promoted better retention and understanding. Some of these techniques included creating concise notes, practicing tougher questions in past year papers, and teaching concepts to others. I find this very useful in checking if I know my concepts well. Regular revision sessions enabled me to reinforce my understanding of key topics and identify any knowledge gaps that needed to be addressed.
  5. Consistent Practice: Nurturing Proficiency – The old saying “practice makes perfect” holds true when it comes to the PSLE. I dedicated a significant portion of my study time to solving practice papers and past year questions. Regular practice not only familiarized me with the exam format but also helped me identify recurring patterns and question types, allowing me to approach the actual exam with confidence. The key here is not just doing the practice papers, but being able to retain the knowledge and concepts. I cannot do all of the practice papers but I know I can do the harder questions that I don’t understand and approach Mr Patrick for help. My tips for students doing their PSLE in 2023 or 2024 – you should be able to identify questions you know how to do as well as those that you are unsure of. Do those that you are unsure of instead of doing everything.
  6. Mindset: Nurturing Positivity – Maintaining a positive mindset played a crucial role in my success. I learned to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts by focusing on my strengths and achievements. Celebrating small victories along the way helped boost my confidence and kept me motivated throughout the PSLE journey. Most importantly is playing Roblox when I complete a number of hours revising.
  7. Balancing Well-being: Rest and Recreation – Amidst the intense studying (well it was quite intense for me), it’s crucial to prioritize self-care and well-being. Taking breaks, getting enough sleep, and engaging in recreational activities helped me recharge and maintain a healthy mental and physical state. When I feel stressed, some of the ways I found very useful in destressing is to either hang out with my friends, play some sports with them or even listen to study music.


Scoring 4 points in the PSLE required a combination of effective study strategies, goal setting, collaboration, and a positive mindset. By setting clear goals, managing my time efficiently, and adopting smart study techniques that Mr Patrick taught me, I was able to excel in the PSLE and achieve my desired score. Remember, the PSLE is not just about the destination but also the journey.