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Singapore education too stressful?
All about the grades?

Does doing loads of homework or assesment books equals success?

"Not drill and kill"

The days where rote learning trumps all is far over. Practice is key to learning and mastery but redundant practice leads, naturally, to disengagement and disdain for the subjects. Your child needs active feedback on varied practice and deliberate questioning to ensure maximum cognitive retention.

The focus is on progress and the excellence comes naturally after

"Progress Over Perfection"

At PSLE Secrets, we strive for progress and reinforcement on the progress. With the element of fun within the classes, learning is made more platable for your child. Once the momentum begins, the grades and marks start moving. 

Experienced tutors who learns how each child learns as a priority

"We learn how your child learn"

Studies in mathematics education show that practice is effective when teachers design appropriate practice problems, distribute them over time, and provide students with sufficient feedback. At PSLE Secrets, we instil the right teaching methodology in order to teach your child right.

Exclusive Priority Registration Incentives

Sign up now for our 2023 classes to enjoy exclusive perks worth up to $400

  • A WORUS Pro graphic drawing tablet worth $239 
  • A 1-lesson fee waiver in the Term 1 – 2023 programme
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The WORUS graphic drawing tablet and Welcome Kit are limited to one set per student.

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We make learning fun

Needs-Based Customized Worksheets

Worksheets are a hybrid of reinforcement learning and customized practice. Learning abilities differ and so should the worksheets be different. 

Dedicated Group of Curriculum Specialists

We work with learning psychologists, MOE teachers and passionate educators to deliver the best to your child

Online and
Offline Classes

COVID has changed how we deliver education. Offering a hybrid of online and offline classes, we strive to engage students in the most efficient and productive manner.

Recorded Replays Available Online

With online classes available, we are able to allow your child to replay the lessons whenever required based on his/her learning speed.

Our Experiential Classes

From 10 years of coaching and 3 years spent developing my own customised teaching materials

Before your child attends the exclusive (limited-time-only) trial class, here’s an overview of what each step is about in our 4As’ technique:

  • During the experiential class, you/your child will have the opportunity to ask any burning questions/ formulas or concepts learnt in school, so do come prepared!
  • After identifying the “Knowledge Gaps” with the questions asked, we will know the problem and weak areas to focus on.
  • An in-house customised set of Easy-Medium-Hard questions on the topic that he/she needs help in will be given, and we will start plugging these gaps, ON THE SPOT.
  • In attempting the questions given, step-by-step coaching will be provided, from start to finish. This will enable you/your child to tackle Math questions with both confidence and accuracy.
  • After the lesson, I will share briefly on the areas to look out for, to help you improve and prevent future mistakes.
  • Parents, when you drop by to pick up your child after the trial class, I will share briefly on your child’s Maths status, and the areas to look out for so that you can help your child continue to improve!

Your Child's 2023 Learning Journey Begins Today

Your child is about to take his or her first steps into formal schooling. Nurture the right knowledge, skills and dispositions for a successful learning journey through the subsequent years in primary school.

Our programmes prepare your child for primary school by introducing new academic topics and question types and building confidence and independence through short, manageable exercises

Your child needs to further build on the basics learnt in Primary 1 and be exposed to exam skills to manage the non-weighted assessments such as topical reviews.

Our programmes at the Primary 2 level include a good balance of content mastery and skill application

Your child is taking on a new subject at school this year. Having a solid foundation in Primary 3 is crucial for your child’s upper primary years.

Our programmes at the Primary 3 level include a good balance of content mastery and skill application.

Your child needs to have a strong foundation across the different subjects to make good progress and eventually have a smoother transition into Primary 5.

Our programmes focus on refining component-based skills and critical thinking processes to help your child effectively apply knowledge to each question or exercise he or she tackles.

Your child’s transition into Primary 5 marks the beginning of his or her PSLE preparation.

Our programmes focus on identifying and filling foundational gaps and giving your child a better idea of the PSLE questions and formats to expect.

Your child has just under a year until the PSLE. Begin bridging gaps in understanding and sharpening exam skills to help your child peak at this major exam.

Our programmes place a strong emphasis on evaluative learning — students and their parents will receive close feedback on academic progress and areas of improvement.

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