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Entry Level membership

This membership allows you to access the resources mentioned above for your child to practise and get meaningful feedback from our coaches.

Download a sample of the step-by-step exam paper solutions here and view a sample clip of the video explainer.

What Your Child Will Get From The Exam Papers Solutions?

Enable your child to gain these benefits :

  • Improved time management :
    Your child can become more efficient at solving math problems under time constraints, and be able to complete math Paper 1 and 2 on time without feeling rushed or stressed.
  • Increased accuracy :
    The consistent practice from the papers can help your child develop greater precision in her work, significantly reducing the occurrence of careless mistakes.
  • Enhanced confidence :
    As your child’s skills improved over the course, her confidence in her math abilities will grow. This positive mindset will carry over to her performance in both Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Strengthened problem-solving skills :
    The variety of question types in the quizzes, and the special tips and tricks given in the solutions will hone your child’s problem-solving abilities, enabling her to tackle a wide range of math problems with ease.
  • Comprehensive understanding of topics :
    The quizzes, along with the provided text and video solutions, will give your child a well-rounded understanding of the math concepts covered in the course, closing knowledge gaps and ensuring their readiness for exams.

How can your child benefit most from the Exam Paper Subscription?

Your child will receive a timetable planner which allows him/her to plan when to complete the past year papers. With the flexibility of a self-paced format, your child can decide together with you on when to complete these papers.

It is advisable for them to revise the entire syllabus before attempting the past year papers under exam conditions with the time limit.

Once your child is done with the papers, they will be able to access the video explainers, at their own pace, which is similar to a teacher going through the papers with them. 

Our step-by-step solutions also give clear explanations on why each step is important to getting the final answer as well as the heuristic they need to use to get the answer.

All contents were expertly crafted and presented by Coach Patrick, Founder of PSLE Secrets.

Frequently-Asked Questions

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