Transforming results and join families who entrust their children's educational success with me.

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Leading Coach in PSLE Maths

The PSLE Secrets edge in producing exceptional progress in students.

I am a learning coach who believe in the pursuit of progress, passion, and purpose above all things. These are the core reasons why I started PSLE Secrets.

Tailored Curriculum

Our curriculum blends breadth and depth, to empower your child with the skills for future success.

Rigorous Application

Experience continuous application of concepts and revise with spaced learning for maximum retention.

24/7 Access

With our 24/7 availability and a team of experienced specialists, there's no need to struggle with their revisions.

Targeted Correction

Learn secrets of math problems and apply corrective and preventive actions to ensure mistakes are made only once.

As a world class coach, I work with countless students and parents to EMPOWER, TRANSFORM and IGNITE their passion for Mathematics.


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