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Is this what your child is doing?

Does these points above describe your current situation? Your primary school children are under tremendous pressure by the education system in Singapore. And for parents, we want our kids to do well. But how?

Multiple worksheets and practices to make sure they are exposed to questions, long hours of CCA and tuition to ensure they have a holistic development and so on. 

And when the time where their Math exams are coming, they start doing practice papers. Paper after paper after paper.

As a parent, we start marking these completed papers despite our busy schedule and review the suggested solutions. The difficulty comes when your child gets the answer wrong. 

Did your child get it wrong because of a wrong step, a wrong heuristic, a wrong calculation, wrong comprehension of the question?

From my years of teaching, this is what I have observed from parents’ mindsets.

I know my child got it wrong and he/she did not follow the steps.

  • Each child has their own thought process and getting the answer wrong could be due to the order of the steps.

I read the suggested steps and I know how the steps get to the answer.

  • Parents tend to internalise the solution and then guide their child based on it. We should guide the child based on their thinking process and correct the thinking process rather than teaching the steps. 

I will teach him/her based on the steps in the solutions provided.

  • The solution steps form 1 way of solving and there could be a chance that your child knows their own way. 

I make him/her redo the question sometime later to ensure he/she knows how to solve the question.

  • Rote learning is no longer relevant and we want to impart skills like problem solving where your child can still solve similar questions with varying numbers or problem structure.

As a parent, we want you to focus on what is truly important for your child to grow. Let us handle the past year math exam papers with your child through our Exam Paper Solutions

your child can become this

As a parent, we want you to focus on what is truly important for your child to grow. Let us handle the past year papers with your child through our Math Exam Paper Solutions.

Our experienced Teaching Specialists from MOE has gone through each and every paper through the years to distill specific steps and analysis for your child to review.

No more headaches over wrong questions.

No more headaches from not understanding the question.

No more headaches from looking at the answers and figuring out what went wrong.

No more headaches from finding a similar question for your child to recap their concepts.

Through this programme, your child can achieve greater success with lesser time and you, as a parent, can truly focus on other tasks.Math

Take a free 7 day trial before committing. Full refund if our solutions are not helpful.

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Mr. Lee is different from many other teachers in that he will come up with multiple ways to explain a difficult idea to me.
CHIJ, 2022
Patrick is a patient and engaging tutor. Not only he provides systematic and progressive study materials, he also introduces her own easy-to-understand solution methods.
Sandra Tan
RGS, 2022
Since Primary 3, I've been a PSLE Secrets student. While I was there, I had the opportunity to strengthen my relationships with my peers in addition to expanding and improving my math knowledge.
Alex Lim
Chongfu, 2022
Mr. Lee is an excellent instructor who uses a kind but effective method of instruction. He gave me wonderful, motivating lessons that helped me overcome my math shortcomings.
Lynette Ho
AMKPS, 2022


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Each month, any parent who subscribes to the Premium or Elite tier will be able to put in a request for another school paper to be provided. 

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Approximately 2 – 3 months. It varies from student to student. Students who put in more hours and believe that their math grades can improved will see shorter improvement times.

We currently do not offer physical lessons because online lessons provide similar effectiveness to students.

When you are subscribed to the service, we will be in contact with you. This number is manned by our tutors who will be able to answer all your queries relating to your child’s school work. 

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