P1 registration: Is there a ‘right’ school for your 6-year-old?

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Is balloting likely at the school of your choice?

The Primary 1 registration exercise is conducted over seven phases. This year, it will go entirely online in view of the Covid-19 situation.

Balloting is required when the number of applications exceeds the vacancies available.

Which are the schools that may be oversubscribed, based on data from the past 14 years? Here are some forecasts, based on simulations.

6-10% of primary school applicants go through more than one phase before securing their spot.

The Straits Times’ team of data analysts crunched the Primary 1 registration numbers from the last 14 years to help you see how places at some 184 primary schools were taken up under the seven different phases.

Last year, seven schools were filled 50 per cent or more by the end of Phase 1. However, it is Phase 2C that has remained the most competitive throughout the years.

Here are the details for the seven phases:

Phase 1: July 1, 9am – July 2, 4.30pm

Result: All are guaranteed places

Phase 2A(1): July 7, 9am-4.30pm

Result: July 13

Phase 2A(2): July 14, 9am – July 15, 4.30pm

Result: July 22

Phase 2B: July 23 (9am) – July 24 (4.30pm)

Result: July 30

Phase 2C:

Register via Primary One Internet System: Aug 3 (9am) – Aug 5 (4.30pm)

Register via online form: Aug 4 (9am) – Aug 6 (4.30pm)

Result: Aug 17

Phase 2C (Supplementary):

Register via Primary One Internet System: Aug 19 (9am) – Aug 20 (4.30pm)

Register via online form: Aug 20 (9am) – Aug 21 (4.30pm)

Result: Aug 31

Phase 3: Indicate interest from June 2-8

Result: Applicants to be notified in October

For more details, go to the Ministry of Education website.

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